You’ve found my blog! This is a chronicle of my successes and failures as a software developer and electronics hobbyist. I’m currently adapting a MacBook Pro into a Raspberry Pi powered laptop… with moderate success.


  • The MacBook Display Part 2: Winning!

    It’s been a while since my last update and I thought I should check in and report one of my latest success stories with the Apple Pi!

  • Foiled Again!

    The PSoC MiniProg1 came in the mail a while back, so I took a crack at communicating with the CY8C24794-24LTXI controller on the old MacBook Pro logic board.

  • Using the MacBook Display: Why Do I Smell Smoke?

    I screwed up… let’s start at the beginning though.

  • MacBook Pro Trackpad and Keyboard

    At this point the keyboard an trackpad are likely the most complex integrations with the Raspberry Pi that I’m going to have to deal with. The computers power button is actually connected to the keyboard which is something I want to reuse, and the trackpad is a complicated electronic component that I will have a difficult time reverse engineering.

  • I found Schematics!

    I’m actually still playing catch up on documenting my progress with the Apple Pi so this is actually a bit of an older update. However, I wanted to write a dedicated post on my most important discovery so far: The full schematics and board view for my Macbook Pro (model A1286)!

  • Some Disassembly Required

    The first and easiest step: tearing apart the computer.

  • Apple Pi: The Beginning

    A few years ago my trusty Macbook Pro kicked the bucket. I was advised that the cost of repairing it was extensive and that I would be better off recycling it and getting a different laptop. I didn’t have the heart to throw it out at the time, so I put it in the pile with all of the other dead electronics that “could be used for something cool one day”.

  • First Post!

    Not much to say here, just my first post on my new blogging platform!